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Welcome to YYC rare yorkies

Welcome to our site and enjoy your visit to Alberta, Canada Yorkshire and Biewer Yorkshire terrier breeder site.

Feel free to contact us any time with more questions while we work on developing our site. We LOVE our yorkies and want to share with other responsible owners that beautiful breed.  All our parents have DNA testing prior to breeding done so our puppies are free of hereditary diseases. We have Yorkshire Terriers as well as Biewer Yorkshire Terriers with sometimes very rare colour combination: from traditional Tri Colour Biewers to Ocean Pearl (dark red NOT Biewer), Biro (chocolate colour gene) or Gold Dust ( light gold colouring to white) yorkie terriers.

They are raised in home environment and fully socialized with other animals and people including children 4 and up.  Sometimes we have a puppy charting under 3 lbs but we don't aim for that. Health and well-being of our dogs is most important to us but if you are interested in dog of this size please let us know. 

We LOVE our dogs! We are serious about what we do. We select our dogs for their health, personality and exceptional exterior! We will NEVER jeopardize safety of our dogs for the need of breeding him/her and will offer them to the responsible and LOVING homes only! If you do share our believes, you are welcome to contact us for more information. 

Delivery of our puppies can be arranged all over North America once puppies are well enough to travel. Super mini puppy can be delivered only with puppy nanny.


Based on most recent studies, new born puppies obtain immunity from their mom and retain it in their bodies for up to 12 weeks. Our puppies will be getting their core puppy shots at about 12th week of their lives to avoid a danger of over vaccination and assure most benefit from. and will be ready for their new homes shortly after.

To educate yourself about well being of your puppy, please read the below article which was written based on extended research:




                               Proud member of Global Yorkie, Biewer Registry

                        All our adult dogs are DNA tested by GenSol Diagnostics


                                                     All our Biewer Terriers are Embark tested

                        Dog First Aid Certified                                      OFA registered

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