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20 pit bull terrier puppies stolen from northeast Calgary home

Calgary police are trying to pick up the scent of 20 pit bull terrier pups that were stolen from a home after their owner listed them for sale online.

The dogs were in two litters that were swiped from a northeast residence Tuesday afternoon.

Robin McLaren, who lives next door, says the dogs' owner told him what had happened and he raced after the suspects and managed to get the licence number on their small white hatchback.

He says police later told him the licence was registered to a pickup truck.

One pup managed to escape the clutches of the thieves because it had crawled under a blanket and wasn't noticed.

The puppies were advertised for sale on Kijiji, said Sgt. Dale Gorrill.

He believes the dogs were taken by two men and one woman, while the residents were at home.

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