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Recently we have acquired new puppy which breeder was raising on puppy food by Royal Canin. Having watched Netflix documentary Petfooled, which reinforced my believe about feeding my kids with food that is actually good for them, I decided to pay EXTRA attention to dog I was switching from kibble to raw.

My study concluded the following points:

Pets eating kibble are definitely de-hydrated as I started being concerned about amount of water intake and having suspicion of diabetes or other potential ailments.

Their urine was yellow despite huge water intake.

Their outtake aka. poop equals twice the amount of their dry food intake. Regardless my efforts to moist their kibble prior to feeding. I am not even mentioning the smell! Combined with the amount, this gift that keeps on giving is more than I could handle.

Constantly unsatisfied and running around hungry and crying to be fed indicated to me that nutritional value is almost none...

After switching to the complete raw food diet, their urine became clear and white, while water intake decreased by easily 60%. Their food is moist and nutritious that keeps pup satisfied til next feeding time. Most of all, majority, if not all dogs, love it! There is a flavor for even most discriminating taste!

reward for every pet parent would be the size and smell of poop on raw food diet! We are talking about one tenth of the amount of poop my pup produced on raw food in comparison to processed food. Not even mention, the smell that highly improved.... No, it does not smell like roses yet, but in comparison to processed food outtake it almost does.. ;)

Please note that same rules apply to kitty diet as many of us are proud parents of feline family members which also belong to group of carnivores and DEFINITELY would benefit from specie appropriate diet.

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